Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Brian Jonson said...


SNL couldn't have done anything funnier than this! And, it's real!

Great Googly Moogly! said...

Make it stop...please make it stop!!

If this is what passes for "tickling the ears" nowadays, then this generation is in really bad shape. Does the truth of the Gospel stand a chance against this? :-)

BTW--I'm glad you said that this was a cult. I didn't think Christian entertainment (e.g. church services) could sink any lower than it already has!

danny2 said...

we're north enough to have interacted with people who have come out of this environment.

it's quite depressing when i've often experienced that this cult (which you are right to call it), comes closely enough to using gospel terms that many who leave can't even figure out how it was off.

perhaps now i will use this video as part of my apologetic. you can't claim their church is right after seeing this....right?

Breuss Wane said...

The Way International has been notorious in these parts for a long time. What's kind of eerie in the video is the words "The Present Truth" on the keyboards, which is what members call their heretical body of doctrine, and I think it used to be the name of their free magazine that one would stumble across in public gathering spots.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....I am having flashbacks! You were right about the moonwalk moves....straight out of a Barney video! tee hee

Very interesting....could you see our praise team doing that? That would sure be a sight!

Thanks for the laugh today - I needed it!