Sunday, December 25, 2005

We Need God Incarnate

"By the 'sacramental' intent (of the OT Christophanies) we understand the desire of God to approach closely to His people, to assure them in the most manifest way of His interest in and His presence with them...When God walked with men and ate and drank with them, and in bodily fashion spake with them and listened to them, the instinctive conclusion that these things were the result of His nature lay extremely near. And yet in reality they had no necessary connection with His nature, but were sacramental condescensions on His part...the visible, physical form of meeting this need (that God was with him) is not due to the nature of God. The nature of man, chiefly his sinful nature calls for it.

"...The incarnation is not the result of any inherent necessity in God...We need God incarnate for redemptive reasons. The whole incarnation, with all that pertains to it, is one great sacrament of redemption." -- Geerhardus Vos, "Biblical Theology", p. 74.


Dad Bresson said...

Nice picture evidencing that fact that there is an "old nature"...sorta like bark off the same ctree

Breuss Wane said...

How was Eve to know the apples wouldn't fall far from the blasted tree? :-)

Bhedr said...

Or Chips off the Chad.

Cute Kids and Merry Christmas. Thanks for the e-card!