Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Avoiding Negative Stereotypes: The "Detribalization" of the GARBC

In quest for broader appeal, churches change names, places
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Heinen does an excellent job of giving readers a sense of some of the changes taking place at conservative and traditional churches in the Milwaukee area, such as Garfield Baptist Church, a long time member of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Now known as Spring Creek Church, one member tells the J-S: "...all that has changed...has been the presentation."

That presentation includes labels. Says church senior pastor Chip Bernhard, "Church members don't identify themselves as evangelicals. But the church's teachings are in line with general evangelical characteristics, and the church could be considered evangelical.


Bhedr said...

Good Grief. All that conviction and sound founding from Ketcham being flooded over. It is disheartening to see. Ah it seems inevitable that these things happen. Who will stand unashamed anymore?
Something wrong with the term evangelical? I suppose next they will want to loose the name 'Christian'. What is it about this ..."Creek" movement?

Breuss Wane said...

Easy on the creeks. I attend Clearcreek Chapel, also formerly GARBC, and also formerly Clearcreek "Baptist" Chapel. :-)

Difference: we have no problem identifying ourselves as "evangelical", while at the same time rueing "evangelical" doesn't mean what it used to (synonymous with those "protesting" Rome).

Bhedr said...

Well then don't you have another dilema on your hands being mistaken for a Willow Creek church. I'm sure your familar with that movement and I knnooowwwwww you don't aprove of that. Ah these titles. Fundamentalism has a stigma now too. Lets just go back to the people of the way.

Bhedr said...

Hey, by the way...were you around when that tornado leveled everything back in the was it 70's?
Was it an F-5?

Breuss Wane said...

I lived in Kettering at the time, about 15 miles to the west. I remember being piled into the station wagon for an emergency trip to Cedarville where my grandparents lived to make sure they were OK (they were).

It was an F-5 (3 tornadoes met together on the Indiana side of Cincinnati to form a supercell).

That night impacted myself personally in that I spent the entire night with my ear glued to the radio listening to the wall-to-wall coverage... It's my earliest recollection of being a radio news junkie. :-)

I now live about a mile from the path of that tornado. About 3 years ago, another tornado, though smaller, tracked an almost identical path of the '74 tornado, destroying 3 churches and nearly a fourth as well as part of a Wal-Mart center. Noelle and I spent some terrifying moments in our innermost bathroom. Ironically, I spent the rest of the night glued to the radio, covering the story for The Path. :-)

Bhedr said...

Phew, that sounds like fun. We don't have that around here much. Hurricanes? Well about 2 a year seems like except last year they were all in Florida where my brother lives.

Interesting Story. i thought it was an F-5. I can remember Mr Schiller from First Baptist in Elyria Ohio showing slides of it. made an impression. that was back in 1980.

Hey do you know an Auwater. He was our Coach and I think he graduated from Cedarville?