Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dispelling a Myth: "It was a game of 'let's pretend'"

Salt Lake City TempleMormon Myth Doesn't Hold Up
For those of us who've often wondered whether this particular claim is true, the Salt Lake Tribune took the plunge for us to check the facts. And the facts show the claim has come up short.

An accompanying SLT article takes a look at one of the reasons the bar might be down: tougher standards for Mormon missionaries. Along the way, this interesting tidbit surfaces: "A person who suffers from schizophrenia would probably not be able to serve, he says, and bipolar disorder is also difficult to manage. But if a person takes medication, he could still go. " So... granting only for the moment that schizonphrenia is the disease this Mormon worker believes it to be (and it is not), taking medication means a person no longer "suffers from schizophrenia"?

Sounds schizophrenic. :-)